Lower Prices at Chalice Farms Dispensaries

January 22, 2020

2020 is here and so are new flower prices at Chalice Farms dispensaries in Portland!

If you’ve been into one of the Chalice Farms dispensaries in the Portland area recently, you may have noticed a recent reduction in flower prices. Awesome, right? Now you can buy flower at a competitive price, no matter how much you want.

Why lower flower prices now? Good question.

It’s simple — the people spoke and we listened. We heard feedback from our team and our customers that we needed to take a look at the way we sell flower. So we set out to find a solution that was fair for both the farmers that grow the flower on our shelves and the customer that smoke it.

We did our research, taking the time to do an analysis of both the product itself and the market as a whole. We’ve got some great partners that continue to provide us with high quality product but, as it turns out, there was a lot of fluctuation in the flower market in 2019 that we had not adapted to. We needed to adjust our practices in a few ways. First, pricing.

How would we make this adjustment happen?

Thanks to the feedback provided by our team and customers we were pointed in the right direction, we just had to stick the landing. So we dove in head first, with our purchasing team leading the charge. We kept our focus on two key factors — lower overall prices and easier bulk pricing. With these two adjustments, we’re confidently providing a profitable outlet for farmers to sell their harvests and a competitive price for customers looking for premium cannabis flower.

Starting with new pricing, we are overhauling the way we provide flower in 2020 to be inclusive of all flower purchasers, whether buying a gram or an ounce. Check in at your favorite Chalice Farms dispensary to see the latest!