• Vaporization of cannabis concentrate/extracts
  • Dabbing, Cannabis Cartridges

onset time:

  • 1-5 minutes

Longevity of effects:

  • 2-4 hours


  • Better on lungs than combustion of cannabis flower
  • Efficacy (1 hit for desired effects)
  • Taste (terpene preservation)


  • Very Potent. Not generally a good suggestion for new users.

extracts & concentrates

Extracts and concentrates have become more and more common in today’s cannabis market. Consumers looking for a more potent smokable cannabis product have gravitated towards concentrates in droves. Cannabis extraction employs a solvent to strip the active ingredients from the cannabis plant. Cannabis concentrates are refined without solvents like butane, propane, CO2, etc. Cannabis extracts and concentrates can be consumed in many ways but for the most part they tend to be inhaled, similarly to cannabis flower. Below we will cover some of the common extracts in the cannabis industry. Check out our summary to see what cannabis extract/concentrate is right for you!

Looking to kick your session up a notch? Then cannabis extracts and concentrates might be just the product you have been looking for!
“A Dab will do ya”

Dabbable cannabis extracts and concentrates are consumed by vaporizing the extract and inhaling that vapor. Many of these dabbables are made with a process called hydrocarbon extraction. Hyrdocarbon extracts employ a solvent like butane or propane to strip the active ingredients from the cannabis plant material. Many consumers refer to the hydrocarbon extracts based on their appearance using terms like “shatter, wax, crumble, sap, etc.” to describe a given extract. These products are generally all made using hydrocarbon extraction.

High quality cannabis dabbables generally range from 65-85% THC, with some extraction methods yielding product upwards of 95% THC. Yes, we said 95%, watch yourself!

Note: Rosin is also a dabbable cannabis product made using just heat and pressure instead of the use of solvents. This product tends to be more difficult to find, and users report amazing effects and unmatched plant-specific flavors.
“Plant identity, Medicinal legacy”

RSO has a legacy of anecdotal medical benefits. The origins of RSO is a DYI extract made by cooking the entire plant in an alcohol solution. This results in a full spectrum, whole plant, highly potent edible oil. RSO can be used topically, although it is mostly known as an edible, often combined with food. RSO is oftentimes a thick, dark oil that is recommended to be dosed to the size of a rice grain. Experienced users have taken to encapsulating the oil in premeasured doses or freezing doses on parchment paper for easy consumption. Many consumers have reported incredible anecdotal medical benefits from continual RSO use. Swing by Chalice Farms to talk to our wonderful staff and see if RSO is right for you!
“I’ve got my hash pipe”

Hashish is the oldest known form of cannabis concentration. It is not nearly as potent as dabs, generally ranging between 25-40% THC. Hashish is a solvent-less concentrate and can be made with ice water or simply agitation of cannabis flowers. Hash can be smoked on its own or used to compliment cannabis flowers.

Kief is the term used to describe loose trichome heads that have fallen off plant material that is sifted over a screen. Cannabis consumers who use grinders will recognize kief as the fine powder in the bottom-most stage of their grinder. Kief generally more potent than flower but not by nearly as much as dabbables. Oftentimes, Kief is used as a bowl topper or an addition to a joint. When you are wondering why that bowl worked so well just remember “It’s the Kief!”