Flower Vaporization


  • Inhalation of vapor from cannabis flowers.
  • Flower vaporizers like PAX, Firefly, Volcano, etc.

onset time:

  • 5-15 minutes

Longevity of effects:

  • 1-2.5 hours


  • Better on lungs than cannabis combustion.
  • Better flavor and terpene preservation.
  • More discrete smell than cannabis.


  • Some users report a lack of satisfying vapor or smoke production.
  • Vaporized flower can take on a “burnt popcorn” taste at the end of the smoke session.

User discretion expected

If lighting up feels too conspicuous, then vaporization may be for you! Recent technological advancements have provided users with a healthier, more discrete, and ultimately more efficient consumption option. Flower vaporizers enclose the bud in a heating oven, warming the flower to lower, healthier temperatures.

Heating the flower at a lower heat does a few positive things. The first and most important aspect of flower vaporization is preservation of the entourage effect. Due to warming flower at lower temperatures cannabinoids and terpenes in the flower are more preserved. Terpenes may simply sound as though they flavor the cannabis— they also provide unique recreational effects and potential medicinal benefits. By preserving all the components of a cannabis strain the user can experience the full potential of their cannabis.

Vaporization is not only tastier and more effective, but also much healthier than traditional cannabis combustion. Smoke inhalation is unhealthy no matter where it comes from, vapor is much easier on your heart, arteries, and lungs! In addition to this, vaporization is also is easier on the flower.

Did you know? You can actually reuse previously vaped flower for the infusion of cannabis edibles!

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