• Cannabis product delivered under the tongue
  • Tinctures, Sublingual Strips, Mints, Hard Candies, Etc.

onset time:

  • 25-60 Mins

Longevity of effects:

  • 3-6 Hours (Depending on tolerance)


  • Very Discrete
  • High dosages allowed (up to 1,000 mg THC!)


  • Light heat or oxygen will degrade the product. Must be kept in an airtight, opaque bottle.
  • Sometimes contains enough alcohol to burn upon application.


Folks who don’t want to smoke and find edibles too difficult to gauge may want to explore sublingual cannabis products. Sublingual delivery refers to any cannabis product that is absorbed largely in the mouth, specifically under the tongue. Tinctures are the most common sublingual products available and offer many advantages to edible consumption. Sublinguals tend to lead to a faster onset of effects and provide a similar feeling to edible product consumption (especially if the user swallows the tincture as well). In addition, sublinguals are very discrete and can even be mixed with other beverages for social consumption.

Experienced users may gravitate towards sublingual products due to higher allowable levels of THC. Sublinguals, as opposed to edibles are limited to 1,000mg of THC per package. That’s quite the difference from the 50mg THC limit that applies to cannabis edibles! If you want a little more bang for your buck, look towards tinctures!

Note: Certain edible products can also be absorbed sublingually, specifically hard candies, soft chews, mints, and caramels.