• Rub it where it hurts
  • Cremes, Balms, Topical Oils, Bath Products, etc.

onset time:

  • 5-30 Mins (Usually accessory ingredients are felt before the cannabis)

Longevity of effects:

  • 4-5 Hours


  • Classic cannabis effects.
  • Unparalleled strain-specificity.
  • Better than average preservation of the “entourage effect”


  • True “spot treatment”
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Discrete

Put it where it hurts

Put it where it hurts. That’s all you need to know when it comes to topical cannabis products. Topical products include lotions, salves, massage oil, sensual oil, bath balms and other bath products. Topical product use does not lead to psychoactive effects or trigger a failed drug test. That’s right New Users, this may be the perfect product to start you on your cannabis journey!

A topical cannabis product’s effects are restricted to the area that you apply the product. In other words, put it where it hurts. Topicals provide local anti-inflammatory effects. Painful knee, thrown out back, arthritic hands you have met your match! Check out your local Chalice Farms to add a topical cannabis product to your health and wellness routine!