• Patch or Gel applied directly to the skin
  • Patch, Cream, etc.

onset time:

  • 15-30 mins (depending on delivery method)

Longevity of effects:

  • 8-12 Hours (depending on delivery method)


  • Consistent delivery and dosing
  • Slow release of cannabinoids into the blood stream. This provides consistent and long-lasting effects.
  • Incredibly Discrete


  • Psychoactive, unlike topical products

Relief from head to toe

Just because a transdermal cannabis product is applied to the skin doesn’t mean it interacts with the system the same way as a topical cannabis product. Unlike topical cannabis products, transdermal cannabis products employ a “carrier” in order to ensure cannabinoid’s access to the bloodstream. Due to this access, transdermal cannabis products provide very different effects than topical cannabis products.

Unlike topical products, the feeling from a cannabis transdermal is not restricted to the area of application. Transdermal cannabis products are felt all over the body and are better for comprehensive relief as opposed to a given area of pain. Transdermal cannabis use can also cause psychoactive effects depending on the cannabinoid ratio. Be sure you know the difference before you apply! That hand cream may be a little more potent than you think!

Note: Transdermal products are expected to trigger a failed drug test as well, so users concerned with staying clean and avoiding psychoactive effects should avoid transdermal cannabis product use.