Vape Cartridges


  • Smoking cannabis flowers.
  • Joint, Waterpipe, Pipe, Blunt, Etc.


  • 5-15 minutes to feel full effects


  • 1-2.5 hours


  • Classic cannabis effects
  • Unparalleled strain specificty
  • Better than average preservation of the "entourage effect"


  • More harmful to lungs and heart than vaporizing flower or concentrates.
  • May create carcinogens.


The creation of the pre-filled oil cartridge has forever changed the world of cannabis. Vape cartridges instantly changed the cumbersome, multi-step exercise of rolling, grinding, cleaning, and clearing that accompany the use of cannabis flower. Finally! A solution to the process!

Vape cartridges are always filled with a cannabis concentrate or extract. The oil used in a cartridge is hugely important to the performance of the cartridge. Only certain oils are optimized for best performance through cartridges. Companies generally use either distillate, CO2, or live resin to fill their cartridges, with each type of oil having distinct benefits and drawbacks. Don’t worry, we will cover each of these extracts below!

Vape pens are generally made up of two distinct components; the battery and the cartridge. In order to vape, screw the desired cartridge on a charged battery and inhale. That’s it. The best part? Nearly all cannabis cartridges are outfitted with a universal 510 threading. In other words, buy one battery for most any cannabis cartridge. If this is still too intimidating, there are also many disposable options on the market. Just inhale as if it was a lit joint and viola, instant happiness.

Due to potency, flavor, discretion, and portability vape cartridges should be a mainstay in both new user’s and connoisseur’s pockets alike!