The Most Cannabis Friendly Events in Portland This Year

December 16, 2019

Searching for interesting things to do in Portland during your next visit? The answer may lie in the city’s growing marijuana industry and cannabis friendly events. As one of the first states to legalize marijuana, Oregon’s vibrant cannabis scene offers visitors a variety of weed-centric happenings.

Puff, puff, pass your time in Portland with these highly anticipated cannabis-friendly events. Of course, while all of them allow cannabis, none of them require its use to participate and have fun. So, whether or not you choose to stop by a local dispensary beforehand, don’t count these events out! Seasoned consumers, tentative first-timers and curious observers alike can’t go wrong with these unique things to do in Portland.

Something for visitors to be aware of before you dive headfirst into the Portland cannabis culture: Recreational marijuana use and possession of up to one ounce of cannabis flower is legal in Portland and has been since 2016, but there are still rules to follow. Only those 21 years of age and older can consume cannabis; cannabis can only be consumed on private property or at private events; cannabis cannot be transported across state lines; and users cannot operate a motor vehicle under the influence. Certain events might have more specific rules and regulations for its attendees’ cannabis use to ensure everyone respects themselves, others, and the law.

Cannabis Friendly Events in the Spring

With the rise of flowers during the Spring, many travelers, particularly domestic begin to making plans to or take shorter trips to Portland. Avid cannabis consumers will find a variety of things to do in Portland, from community parades to film festivals to marathons and more. If you’re planning a trip to Portland, here are some fun cannabis friendly events a short distance from your local Chalice Farms dispensary.

Portland International Film Festival

Film buffs will enjoy a cerebral film followed by a riveting discussion with cannabis. Image Credit: Portland International Film Festival

Portland International Film Festival

March 7-21
Downtown Portland: Portland Art Museum
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

For Portland visitors whose parades are, quite literally, rained upon, the Portland International Film Festival is a sure way to soak up some Pacific Northwest culture without ever stepping foot outside. Grab some movie snacks from the local dispensary and cozy up with over 35 thousand other attendees and enjoy the up-and-coming film artistry in the form of 150 international shorts and feature films. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for screenings of local producers and directors and make a point to attend those slots. Who knows? With such critically acclaimed names as Gus van Sant and Todd Haynes coming out of Portland, you might even discover the next big before Hollywood does.

Shamrock Run - Cannabis Friendly Things to Do in Portland

The Shamrock Run is a great event to be a part of in Portland, whether as a spectator or participant. Image Credit: Oregon Live.

Shamrock Run

March 15-17
Downtown Portland: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

Don your green for the most anticipated run of the year. A longstanding Portland favorite, the Shamrock Run is marijuana- and family-friendly and promises a whole day’s worth of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Fun-fact: It’s is the largest running and walking event in Oregon, boasting an estimated 25,000 runners. Participants can choose from a variety of events, including a 5K, 8K, 15K, half marathons, the Shamrock Stride (a 4-mile fitness walk) and a 1K run/walk for young children. After the races, be sure to check out the 80 plus booths, games and live music to keep the fun going all day long.

Soul'd Out Music Festival - Cannabis Events in Portland, Oregon

The Soul’d Out Music Festival is a popular event for jazz enthusiasts and cannabis lovers as well. Image Credit: BikeTown PDX

Soul’d Out Music Festival

April 16-21
Downtown Portland: Roseland Theatre
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

If you’re looking for a chance to jam the night away, look no further than Portland’s Soul’d Out Music Festival. Help establish a tradition and set a trend while you visit Portland by attending this new, highly-anticipated event that has locals jazzed. Like any good music festival, the use of cannabis is allowed and encouraged. Get lost in the seductive rhythms of hip-hop, soul, funk, blues and jazz artists scheduled to play. The line up has already been released and tickets are limited. An all-access pass costs $255.00 and gets you access to every show during the entire weekend-long festival.

Cinco De Mayo - Cannabis Friendly Things to Do In Portland

Cinco De Mayo is one of Portland’s largest multi-cultural celebrations held every Spring. Image Credit: LCSNW

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

May 3-5
Downtown Portland: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

No one looks forward to their city’s Cinco de Mayo celebration as much as Portlanders do. Every May, residents gear up for a large cannabis-friendly event in the beautiful downtown Portland area. In fact, Portland’s Cinco de Mayo weekend-long fiesta is the biggest multicultural event in Oregon. Salsa like the locals and commemorate Cinco de Mayo while enjoying live entertainment, authentic food, drinks, craft vendors and carnival rides. Come for the family-centric fun, stay for the tequila! Admission costs $10 for adults and kids 13 and older, $7 for kids 7-12, $7 dollars for seniors 62 and older and nothing for kids 6 and younger.

Rose Festival - Things to Do in Portland

The Annual Rose Festival is a century-old tradition that is fun for the whole family, with or without cannabis.

Rose Festival

May 24 – June 9
Downtown Portland: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

Take time to smell the roses at Portland’s Rose Festival, a local favorite event that signals the start of Spring. Portland’s Rose Festival is a century-old tradition and with its one million plus attendees, its Grand Floral Parade has been designated the second largest all-floral parade in the U.S. There are two other parades over the course of the festival that visitors can take part in: The Junior Parade and Starlight Parade. Aside from the parades, there are also walks/runs, an auction, a rose show and tons of other family-friendly fun events to keep attendees occupied. Admission to many of the festival’s events is free, but there are some large events (like the Grand Floral Parade) that require tickets.

Portland Pride - Cannabis Friendly Events in Portland, Oregon

Portland’s annual LGBTQ+ celebration is one of the most popular things to do in Portland for locals and visitors alike.

Portland Pride

June 15-16
Downtown Portland: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

Join thousands of other attendees in downtown Portland for the city’s annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ movement — one of the largest Pride celebrations on the West Coast. Cannabis and visitors are both welcomed at this large, inclusive gathering. Alongside locals, you can enjoy entertainment by talented LGBTQ+ artists while you proclaim your pride, raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community’s ongoing struggles and foster accessibility and solidarity. Many local and regional businesses, agencies and organizations set up booths for the weekend, and food and beverages are available for purchase. No tickets are necessary to take part in the celebration.

Cannabis Friendly Events in the Summer

As temperatures rise in Portland over the summer, the city and surrounding regions truly come alive. Portland is well known for it’s local outdoorsy vibe. Many visitors also love the city’s beautiful rose gardens in full bloom. For the cannabis enthusiast, there are quite a few exciting things to do in Portland, including music festivals open to marijuana consumption. If you’re planning a summer trip to Portland, here are some fun cannabis friendly events a short distance from your local Chalice Farms dispensary.

Festival of Balloons Popular Festivals in Portland, Oregon

The hot air balloon flight of Tigard’s Festival of Balloons is an extremely popular summer event in Portland.

Festival of Balloons

June 21-23
Tigard, Oregon
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Tigard

Of all the sights to see in and around Portland, the Festival of Balloons is not one to be missed. Located 20 minutes outside of Downtown Portland, Tigard’s largest community celebration allows attendees to watch beautifully colored balloons fill the sky each morning and evening. Free tethered rides are also offered for visitors after the morning launch. If balloons aren’t your thing, the festival also offers a 5K Run/Walk, car show, beer garden, live music vendor booths, food, carnival rides and games. Best part is, the funds raised by the festival go straight back to the community’s non-profit organizations.

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon

The Cathedral Park Jazz Festival continues where the Soul’d Out Music Festival leaves off with more jazz from local musicians.

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival

July 19-21
St. John’s Bridge
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

What could be better than listening to smooth jazz under a cool summer breeze? Not much, most Portland residents will tell you. Come celebrate the culture and traditions of community music with the locals at the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in Portland’s beautiful natural amphitheater. You can bring a picnic or buy food from local vendors at the festival and lounge on blankets or lawn chairs. The best part is the sense of community you’ll feel a part of. Bond with locals and visitors alike while you listen to the region’s best jazz and blues musicians croon soulful melodies during this three-day event.

The PDX Now! Festival is a street-style fair that celebrates the artistry and craft of local Oregon musicians. Image Credit: PDX Now! Festival

16th Annual PDX Now! Festival

July 20-21
Downtown Portland: Audio Cinema
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Downtown

Give back to the community on your trip to Portland by showing your support of local musicians at one of the city’s most well-known music gatherings, the PDX Pop Now! Festival. This street-fair style event encourages visitors to bring their cannabis and creative energy and enjoy a weekend of stimulating and accessible local music. Aside from enjoying good music, attending the festival is a good way to show your support for the up-and-coming talent in the region (there’s lots of it, we promise!). The festival is open to all ages and there is no cost to attend. Food and beverages are available for purchase.

Pickathon Music Festival Popular Events in Portland

If you’re a fan of camping and great communal music events, then Pickathon is one of the best cannabis friendly events to attend in Portland this summer. Image Credit: Pickathon


August 2-4
Pendarvis Farm
Nearest Chalice Farms Dispensary: Chalice Farms Happy Valley

Pickathon is the hottest camping music festival you should be planning to attend. Imagine Bonnaroo, but with a Bluegrass-enthused lineup and legalized marijuana use. This weekend-long event is great for the whole family and offers visitors the chance to find a new favorite artist while enjoying the great outdoors. The festival is known for its powerhouse lineup featuring the best in Bluegrass, as well as its craft vendors and copious food and beverage offerings. Choose your own adventure reads Pickathon’s slogan, and with all of the options waiting for you after we pitch our tent, it is easy to do just that.

Tickets are on sale now, but they’re going fast. Attendees can purchase single-day tickets or general admission for the entire weekend which includes camping.

Fall & Winter Cannabis-Friendly Events

Like most major cities, there are things to do in Portland all year-round, especially for the cannabis advocate. Check back later in the year for more cannabis friendly events to attend during the cooler months.