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Meet James Reka, the young contemporary Australian artist we have to thank for all the unique beauty you’ve seen take over our stores and social media. Here's what you need to know about Reka, one of Australia's most esteemed contemporary street artists. To watch our interview, be sure to check out the video below.

Word on the Street

Reka's roots originate in Melbourne's inner suburbs' alleyways and train lines, where he cultivated his now-emblematic aesthetic for over a decade. His character work signifies a new street art style: unique, distinct, and not necessarily on the street. With bold colors, dynamic movement, and strong lines, Reka creates surrealist, abstracted creatures whose personalities imitate the dilapidated urban setting, initiating a conversation between the observer and their surroundings. 

Down to the Last Detail 

Reka's style is distinguished for its high and low art fusion with pop culture influences, cartoons, and illustration. This technique developed from his Pop-Art-influenced logo design background, which featured simple but striking lines and colorways. His work for clients advanced into more structured, animated designs and encompassed media's variations over time. In doing so, Reka has developed astonishingly diligent attention to his work's technical proficiency, allowing him to create meticulously intricate pieces. His art contrasts two opposing feelings in unique ways to his vision, a paradox between sharp design and graffiti, tied together with a fuse of passion and spray paint. 

Globally Recognized 

Talk about a busy artist! Recently, Reka held solo shows in London, San Francisco, Denmark, and Melbourne and has pieces appearing in New York, Munich, Denver, and Cologne and the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. And that's just his "moveable" artwork! His characters adorn cities worldwide, from Japan to Berlin. 





Do the top two sold items at our stores in different parts of the city reveal anything about the area? Let’s see!
In case you haven't noticed, Portland is a highly eclectic and quirky place. Although the catchphrase, "Keep Portland Weird," was stolen from Austin, Texas, we think that if Portland had a head-to-head battle in weirdness with Austin, Portland would win in all the right ways. 

One of Portland's true pleasures is the many neighborhoods that each come with their own distinguished personality. Because we now have five years of legal cannabis under our belt and time to develop our own cannabis preferences, we felt we needed to do some investigating. We looked at our stores in three different city areas to see if our top two cannabis products at our stores reflected any insights into that part of town. Here's what we found: 



Compact and walkable, Portland's downtown offers easy access to crazy delicious food, cultural spaces, shopping, and endless activities. It's home to the city's most diverse mix of retail stores and brands and the place you go to grab a bite at a fine restaurant or food cart. 

We discovered that perhaps the diversity of downtown is even reflected in our best-selling products at our Chalice Farms Downtown location! The top two picks for customers in this area? 

CHEWS_Tropical-Black-Cherry CHEWS_Tangerine

Wondering where the diversity is when both products are fruit flavored? Each one of these chews comes with a distinct taste and desired effect. Some consumers say Good Morning with a lasting boost from Tangerine and enjoy its high THC combo that keeps your natural energetic zip alive for longer with their premium ingredient, Maca Root. Others say goodnight and sleep tight with our Tropical Chews high CBD ratio.  



Streets lined with repurposed Victorian homes that are now home to boutiques and restaurants make this area of Portland the ideal place for strolling, people watching, and dining. And according to our two top-selling products at our Chalice Farms Tigard location, you are either people watching or always on the go. Here are Southwest Portland's top picks: 

CHEWS_Color21_9-Grid_20x20-09 CHEWS_Tropical-Black-Cherry

As we know from the downtown location, our tropical chews are for those looking for the energy they need to cross everything off their to-do list and some. These edibles are perfect for those who enjoy cannabis and are on the go constantly. On the other hand, our Lemon Ginger chews offer a bomb of flavor that combines a pop of crisp lemon with a kick of spicy ginger. Because these chews create the ultimate physical and mental recovery experience, they're perfect for kicking back, relaxing, and watching those other Tropical edible consumers run around frantically. 



Known for its fun and quirky streets, Southeast Portland offers a ton of eclectic street art and brightly colored murals between tons of shopping, food, and entertainment. 

Another Portland area with Chalice Farms TROPICAL Fruit Chew as their number one product sold, our second best-selling product at our Chalice Farms Powell location is our ACAI BERRY Fruit Chew 1:1. Like a much-deserved and rewarding acai bowl after an invigorating yoga session, Acai Berry 1:1 fruit chew combines superfoods goji berry and elderberry for a total body wellness experience. Guess if you live in Southeast Portland, you also need something to get you going and calm you down!

Our takeaway in this investigation? Well, three things stood out. One is that we're going to have to do this again as Chalice Farms continues to expand so we can really get further insights into Portland. Two is that it seems like everyone is looking for something on the go or something to calm them down. We think it's either 2020 or universal unsaid truth. And finally, that our Tropical chews are apparently kick-ass! CHEWS_black-cherry



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