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What are dabs?

Dabs are hyper-concentrated amounts of cannabis that are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. The resulting sticky oils can harden in a solid or almost crystalline form, or remain nearly liquid in a syrupy oil form. These marijuana concentrates can be referred to as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO),  depending on their consistency. Marijuana dabs, in their various forms, are classically heated on a hot metal surface and then inhaled through a dab rig. But while dab smoking using a rig is a  consumption method that has been around for some time, the advent of more advanced extraction methods and dabbing hardware and accessories has led to the increased popularity. 

While the solvent method of extraction can be used to yield non-intoxicating compounds like  CBD or Terpenes, the aromatic oils that give cannabis flavor, THC is the extract that gives dabs and wax their intoxicating potency. Because the THC levels in dabs are so concentrated, they are typically the most efficient way to get extremely stoned, as they pack the largest punch using the least amount of material. 

What is a dab pen? 

A dab pen is one of the newer apparatuses created to simplify and expedite the consumption of dabs. Dab pens are nearly identical to vape pens in their appearance, and typically contain the same components as they function in less the same way. The primary difference between the two is what is being vaporized by the pen itself, as vape pens typically consume dried flower or e-liquid as opposed to dabs.  

 What do you put in a dab pen? 

Dabs? Yes, in this case, the answer is quite obvious, although as previously discussed, dabs can come in various forms, and therefore require different preparation methods in order to be effectively vaporized and consumed via a dab pen.  

In general, dabs placed into a dab pen need to be in small pieces or amounts and need to be a  thin consistency, so that they can be heated to their vaporization point without catching on fire.  A giant, thick dab will likely clog a dab pen, or cause it to overheat and burn the dabs contained within. To use a dab pen, place your small, thin dab directly onto the coils in the pen. Activate your pen via button or inhalation, and the dabs inside will be vaporized and ready to take you on a wild ride. 


As discussed previously, not all dabs are BHO — this is simply describing one extraction method. The category should be referred to as “dabs” “dabbables” “cannabis concentrates” “cannabis extracts” (note that this last term would exclude concentrates made without a solvent, like hash or rosin) or something along those lines (BHO would be something you could compare to an ethanol extract like RXO within the overall category of dabs)   that is extracted from cannabis via the solvent method can be sold in many forms depending on if it is heated or cooled following extraction. These can range from solid states like shatter or ear wax to more near-liquid states like dab oil. Though they vary in appearance, the effects of these different types of dabs are nearly identical, and choosing between them typically comes down to personal preference, or one’s preferred consumption method. When dabs come in the syrup-like oil form, this means that the BHO product of the solvent extraction process was kept at a relatively warm temperature, and therefore did not fully solidify into shatter or wax. 


Shatter is the result of BHO being cooled following extraction in order to induce solidification.  Unlike dab oil, which is kept undisturbed while undergoing its relatively slow cooling process,  when making shatter, the BHO is stirred and shaken as it undergoes cooling. This process results in a solid almost crystalline cannabis concentrate that is nearly translucent and looks a  bit like glass. Shatter gets its name from the fact that it will crack into shards when broken up. 

Ear Wax  

Ear wax is another solid-state of BHO concentrate that is named after the fact that it has the off-putting appearance of a glob of literal ear wax. Don’t let the name or association fool you, however, as ear wax is highly potent and can be thoroughly enjoyed in a myriad of methods due to its crumbly nature. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!  

Other names for dab pens 

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, as enjoying a dab pen is easier than it sounds. Dab pens can sometimes be labeled as something else, like a concentrate vaporizer, atomizer, or a wax pen, but don’t worry, these all mean the same thing. Just be sure to ask whoever you’re buying your dab pen from that it is specifically designed for the consumption of dabs.  

Dab Pen VS Vape Pen 

Dab Pens and Vape Pens, while sometimes looking nearly identical and functioning in much the same way, are nonetheless distinct tools for consuming cannabis in two disparate forms. Both devices work via the use of a heating element, frequently called a coil, that vaporizes the dried flower or liquid in a vape pen, or the wax, shatter, or dabs in a dab pen. The resulting vapor is then inhaled through the pen’s mouthpiece and enjoyed by the user. Once again, be sure to ask whoever you’re buying your pens from if they are made for dabs. Some claim that vape pens can handle dabs, but due to minute differences in the devices’ construction, this is not always the case, so you are better off buying a pen that is specially designed for the consumption of dabs.

Advantages of dab pens 

Dab pens are small and easy to use, frequently being no larger than a standard ballpoint pen,  which makes them highly portable and discreet. One of the benefits of dab pens is that they vaporize the dab within, which is a cleaner, safer, and more discreet way to consume cannabis,  as no combustion occurs, meaning smoke never enters the mouth and lungs. No combustion also means no smell or wafting smoke, which means dab pens can be used discreetly indoors.  Dab pens are also one of the most efficient ways to consume cannabis, as the hyper-concentrated nature of dabs means you only need a small amount to achieve your desired level of stoney-ness. As a result, you can save money from having to buy product less frequently and in smaller amounts while still getting just as, or even more, high.  

Dispensaries with Dabs and Dab Pens


Enrich your wellness routine with pure, honest cannabis. Using a proprietary, organic grain ethanol-based extraction process developed in partnership with medical doctors in the state of  Washington, RXO is a product, not removing anything. An additional purification process removes chlorophyll and other impurities to produce the cleanest, most pure RSO on the market. (other solventless concentrates could claim to be cleaner, but this is the only RSO that is so pure it can be smoked!) and other impurities to produce the cleanest, most pure cannabis concentrate on the market. 

Chalice Farms 

You can purchase a variety of dabs and dab pens at any one of our 7 Chalice Farms dispensaries across  the state of Oregon. All our locations offer convenient delivery options and delicious choices of our homegrown cannabis flower, wax, dabs, and shatter, all at an affordable  price. Come visit us today! 

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