Wellness Journey



Needless to say, the year “2020” will be one for the history books-- both good and bad. And while it is human instinct to reflect on the bad, because yeah, this past year sucked, we also need to look back to the good. Now you may ask: how the heck can you all talk about the good right now? And the answer is simple: because a Fruit Chew won’t fix this on its own, we need to do some work on ourselves, too. 

It’s amazing, as you get older, you stop being your biggest fan and instead become your most prominent critic. Remember when you were little, everyone used to tell you, “you can be whatever you want to be”? So one day, you wanted to be a veterinarian, the next an astronaut, and finally, you’d land on a dolphin trainer because you could. And you’d go around telling so many people that’s what you were going to be they ended up believing you! Instead, now we tell ourselves I can’t become *insert dream job* because *insert crappy excuse*. We’ve become so focused on why we can’t do things that we go around telling everyone we cannot do that, and guess what? Same logic! You (and everyone else) believe you can’t.

And this right here is how we landed on 10 Weeks of Wellness. Because we all need to be our biggest cheerleaders right now, we need to believe we can be happy amidst the anger. We need to believe we can be calm while living in a constant state of anxiety. We need to believe we are strong when often we feel so weak. Why? Because of the same logic as the three-year-old dolphin trainer, if we keep saying I am, we will truly become all those things.