What Is A Cannabis Vape Pen?


What is a cannabis vape pen? 

The term “vape pen” is used for a broad category of electronic devices that use battery power to heat a  liquid concentrate into vapor form, which then can be inhaled by the user. The word vape is used to refer to the vaporization process, which turns a liquid into a vapor through the application of heat without burning. Vape pens can come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, and colors, but are classically black and about the size of a standard ballpoint pen, which has led them to be named after the writing implement they closely resemble. Let’s discover the fascinating history of vape pens and how they came to be so popular…  

History of vape pens 

The history of vaping dates back thousands of years, and perhaps even longer, to the Ancient Egyptians,  who would vaporize and consume various herbs by heating rocks on fire and bringing them into close contact with the herbs whose vapor they wished to inhale. 

While the history of vaping, in general, is an ancient one, the history of vape pens is a recent modern one,  dating back only to the early years of the 21st century. The person most often credited with the invention of vape pens is Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, who in 2003, created a prototype vape pen to try and help him quit smoking. This early vape pen used an ultrasound emitting device in concert with a coiled heating wire to vaporize liquid nicotine into a vapor that could be enjoyed by people, as it would provide them with the same things they liked about smoking while delivering those results in a cheaper and more healthy way. Hon Lik’s prototype soon grew into a fully formed product, and in 2004, the “Ruyan”, the world’s first commercially available vape pen hit the market with incredible success and popularity that has only continued to grow as various iterations and competing products continue to flood the market. 

Vape pens soon became available in the US and worldwide, and have expanded their reach beyond their original purpose of vaporizing tobacco products to produce nicotine, to now encompass a wide variety of products in the cannabis space.  

But, what are cannabis vape pens?   

Cannabis vape pens use the same technology as nicotine vape pens, but produce a different byproduct  (most often THC) from a cannabis concentrate, as opposed to a traditional vape pen which produces nicotine-rich vapor from a different distinct liquid. 

Like a classic vape pen, cannabis vape pens are composed of an atomizer that functions as the heating element of the device, which allows for vaporization to occur, a battery, which powers the atomizer, and a  cartridge of the concentrated cannabis oil that gets the user “high” after vaporization and inhalation through the mouthpiece located at the end of the vape pen.  

What goes in a vape pen?

As previously discussed, all vape pens require a cartridge of liquid that undergoes vaporization and produces a gas that can be inhaled to achieve the desired effect. For a cannabis vape pen, this cartridge contains what is sometimes called distillate, extract, or cannabis concentrate, sometimes mixed with flavoring agents or base liquids. As we will discuss in a future blog, there are a few distinct types of cannabis vape pen, as some, rather than consuming the “e-liquid” discussed above, work by vaporizing cannabis in other forms such as shatter, wax, or dabs. 

Advantages of cannabis vape pens?  

Cannabis vape pens deliver a potent kick in a portable, easy-to-use package, which are but a few reasons for their ever-increasing popularity.  


One of the vape pen category’s strongest selling points is their convenience, as their small, portable, and discreet design allows them to be enjoyed almost anywhere. They also come entirely pre-packaged and ready to go, so need no extra time to prepare and use when compared with other cannabis consumption methods. Vape pens are also relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be refilled simply by replacing a  cartridge, which increases their longevity and further reduces expenses, as a vape pen can be used over and over without having to be replaced. 


One of the benefits of cannabis vape pens is that because they utilize vaporization rather than burning plant material, no combustion occurs, meaning smoke is never produced. This prevents a multitude of toxins from entering the lungs, making them a healthier alternative to smoking. No combustion also means no smell from wafting smoke, which means vape pens can be used discreetly, so that other nearby people don’t even have to know that one is in use, even indoors. 


Vape pens are 100% disposable, so when you’re finished with them, feel free to throw them away without having to worry about any residual mess or components leftover. Vaporization leaves no physical byproducts, so gone are the days of having to clean sticky resin off a piece of glass, or having dirty ashtrays that have to be cleaned and disposed of. They’ll also keep your property feeling fresher, like your car or home won’t smell from the smoke that is typically produced by the combustion of cannabis, so you can feel free to enjoy your vape pens stress-free and without guilt or fear of creating a big mess. 

Where to buy cannabis vape pens and cartridges?

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