Mix It Up with Chalice Farms Fruit Chews

Find THE effect THAT FITS YOU!

To help make trying different combinations easier on your wallet, we’ve introduced Chalice Farms 2Pack Fruit Chews! Check out some of our suggested combinations, but this is an individual journey — make your own combination and let us know what you've come up with on Instagram by tagging @chalice_farms and hashtagging #CFmixitup.

Pro Tip: Look at the premium, effect-driving ingredients in each flavor to help guide you to that sweet spot.

Stay Cool as a Cucumber with Green Apple and Kiwi Strawberry Chews. The CBD Green Apple are great to help support the body and mind. Combining with another CBD ratio option, Kiwi Strawberry, could leave you sleepy if it weren't for the premium ingredients Vitamin D-3 and B-Complex with Co-Enzymes!

Recover from your Workout with Kiwi Strawberry and Lemon Ginger Chews. A combination of two high CBD chews help support the body's recovery, Lemon Ginger is a 10:1 CBD:THC ration with premium ingredients Turmeric and Black Pepper that support the body's interaction with these cannabinoids.

Say Good Morning with a lasting boost from Tangerine and Acai Berry Chews. Blast off with a high THC combo — and keep that natural energetic zip alive for longer with the premium ingredient, Maca Root, available in the Tangerine chews. Plus the superfoods packed into the house favorite Acai Berry — including Elderberry, Gogi Berry, and (of course) Acai Berry.

Say Goodnight and enjoy your Dreams with the sleepy combo of Tropical and Lemon Ginger Chews. The high CBD ratio Lemon Ginger combines perfectly with the premium ingredients in the Topical chews, Chamomile and Passionflower, to slide gently into a great night sleep.

We cannot wait to hear what combinations you come up with —please share them with us on Instagram!